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eChiro. A spine stretching bed fully imported from Japan.

eChiro 6 Main Functions:

1. Vertebral Stretching

Prolonged labour, doing household chores, driving car… Modern people are constantly repeating unnatural and improper postures. Prolonged physical fatigue or work will cause muscle straining and aching and after a long period of time this can lead to difficult problems especially compression of vertebral nerve, bone spur and etc. Proper vertebral support and muscle stretching can relieve neuralgia, muscle ache and fatigue, release compressed vertebral nerves and prevent bone spur. This effect can be achieved using the rollers of eChiro.

2. Far Infrared Thermal Therapy

When body’s temperature is below 36.5 Celcius. body’s self healing ability declines and this will cause various chronic diseases and even death. Far infrared rays has been proven to be able to promote circulation of blood and ‘qi’ as well as increase your body’s temperature. Apart from that, far infrared thermal therapy also can promote secretion of endorphine and melatonin which can relax your muscles and nerves and improve your sleep quality. This function is very important because before eChiro stretches your spine, our muscles around our spine must be relaxed to prevent muscles injury.

3. Vibrating Activator

This function helps to activates weak and stiff muscles and ligaments around our veterbras. This vibrating activator produces 30-40 rhythmic oscillations/revolutions per second. This vibration can stimulate free nerve endings which get fatigued easily as well as promotes blood circulation effectively and helps to eliminate muscle fatigue. This vibrating activator also helps to clear bruises on your back.

4. Acupressure

There are 365 acupoints in human body. Acupoint is the intersecting area between blood vessels thus can be obstructed easily. When there is obstruction, circulation of blood and ‘qi’ will be impaired. The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine had recorded that ‘impaired circulation of blood and ‘qi’ leads to all kinds of disease.’ The so-called blood and ‘qi’ is a kind of energy that controls visceral organs, while disorder of this energy can result in various diseases. Obstruction of blood and ‘qi’ can lead to accumulation of toxin, causing tumors, cancers and etc. Acupressure applied on meridians on both sides of vertebra is able to open up ‘qi’ passage of meridians that promotes circulation of blood and ‘qi’.

5. Percussion method of chiropractic

Vertebral distortion/vertebral subluxation is the cause for all kinds of diseases. Prolonged improper posture of sitting, standing, sleeping and walking can easily lead to vertebral displacement or distortion which may compress the vertebral nerves and thus affect functions of organs and induce diseases. High velocity power is used to percuss the bones. This can correct vertebral subluxation (rotation) and lateral distortion (scoliosis) and prevent or improve various diseases related to vertebral subluxation.

6. Whole body massage effect

Whole body massage therapy with length of 153cm from head to toe effectively stretches muscles all over the body and promotes blood circulation.



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  1. Serene Tan says:

    Hi there I would like inquire pertains to Thermal Spine Stretching Therapy.
    My mum use to has back bone pain so is this therapy suitable for her?
    Can i arrange for a appointment to send on her for 1st trial on the therapy some where around 7 feb to 9 feb 2010? As myself is working at oversea so only available on that particular day. Thanks!

    • kenkoya says:

      Hi, thanks for visiting our website. Yes. This eChiro Thermal Spine Stretching Therapy is suitable for her. It could be caused by disaligned spine, oppressing her backbone’s nerves.

      Yes. We are open on February 7th 2011 onwards. We will be resting for CNY holidays from February 3rd to February 6th 2011. The price for one time therapy (45 minutes: 15 minutes Far Infra Red, 15 minutes Whole Body Stretching, 15 minutes Partial Body Stretching) is RM45. And for 1st timers, we have a special one-time promotional package which is only RM45 for 3 times of eChiro Thermal Spine Stretching Therapy (30 minutes only).

      Above package is suitable for your mum to try out the therapy 1st before signing for our treatment package. For more information, please leave a comment. Thank you!

  2. Mary Chin says:

    how much it will cost for this echiro, a spine stretching bed fully imported from Japan and where can it get it?

  3. Shahnaz says:

    May I know whether this is a group session and if it is a group session, is it segregated between male and female? If not, is it ok to make a request for an all female session. The person who is going to do the whole body massage will be a male or female. I am interested but I feel more comfortable if is tailored for the female.

    • kenkoya says:


      There therapy are done in separate rooms.

      We can make special arrangment to fulfill your request for all female session if you tell us earlier.

      Actually this eChiro spine stretching therapy is done by eChiro, a spine stretching machine bed. This is not a body massage. It’s a spine stretching therapy. You will sleep on top of the bed and two sets of roller will help you to stretch your spine. So, there will be no issue of male or female massage therapist. 🙂

  4. Jess says:

    May I check whether the following introductory package is still available: “for 1st timers, we have a special one-time promotional package which is only RM45 for 3 times of eChiro Thermal Spine Stretching Therapy (30 minutes only).”?

  5. bruce says:

    currently I am in japan,
    I would like to buy the Spine Stretching Bed
    may i know the price where to buy.
    I try to search for the unit in the japan website but can not find it.
    please let me know how to order the unit from japan. (web order)
    thank you

  6. Jeffrey says:

    how much this bed cost??

  7. Melly says:

    Hi.. I would like to ask about the treatment. Since I or am having back pain for 8 years and later find out I have minor scoliosis.
    May I know the price for the treatment and the bed as well?
    Please reply to my mail.

    • kenkoya says:


      Yes, eChiro bed is very good for back pain. Minor scoliosis has some hope for recovery provided that you do the therapy everyday.

      I have emailed to you all the prices already.

  8. azamah salleh says:

    I would like to purchase this amazing bed. How much is it cost? and where can I get it in Malaysia or Singapore

    • kenkoya says:

      Yes, you can purchase this bed directly from us.

      We do personal delivery to orders from all over Malaysia. For Singapore, we need to use logistics company. 🙁

      I have emailed you regarding the prices.

  9. Yenne Chew says:

    Can u send me the pricing of the bed?
    Is there any other beds with other functions?

  10. Neoh Peik Gaik says:

    I would like to purchase this amazing bed. How much is it cost? and where can I get it in Malaysia or Singapore

    • kenkoya says:


      The retail price of eChiro bed is RM18,900. We can do delivery to your place, be it Malaysia or Singapore.

  11. bennie says:

    thank you kenkoya san,

    i experienced slip disc L5/S1 for 2 months, cannot walk,sit, and bending (partial paralysed) . only 1 week using echiro bed i can walk again and after a month theraphy using echiro i am back to normal life again.

    arigato ghozaimas:)


    • kenkoya says:

      Hi Bennie,

      Thanks for your kind sharing of your testimonial. Really happy to hear that eChiro has helped you so much. Keep on using and take care your life. 🙂

  12. Kenny says:

    Hi seller just wondering how much is the echiro bed and where do you deliver to.


    • kenkoya says:


      Our eChiro bed retail price is RM18,900 and we do delivery to all over Malaysia. Just let us know when you want your machine. 🙂

  13. Liza Daud says:

    May I know how much is the bed? Can deliver to Brunei?

    • kenkoya says:


      One unit of eChiro bed is RM18,900. And yes, we do delivery to Brunei. Thank you for your interest. 🙂

  14. Miss Tan says:

    May I know whether there are any installment plan for buying the eChiro bed? E.g. partner with bank’s credit card for interest free installment, etc.

    Also, how much is the hip balancer?

    By the way, can you send me the soft copy of the brochure for the eChiro bed and hip balancer?


  15. tan CF says:

    i am interested in the ezy detox health cube. May i know how much it cost in RM. Is there any promotion?

  16. SS says:

    I am interested of the Spine bed, but i have search through the web there is a product call Emlife infra red bed. Can I know what is the difference between this two and it is the echiro products?

  17. Karen says:

    RM18,900 for a unit. Is there any special price for 2 units? Instalment payment schemes? Any trials available?

  18. Jaie Kuam says:

    I would like to purchase eChiro bed. I wonder whether it is possible to deliver to Brunei. How much it costs CIF to Brunei and how long it take to deliver to Brunei once you received firm order. Pls also advise method of payments. Do you accept Amex or other credit cards.

  19. Ronald says:

    I would like to purchase eChiro bed. Do you deliver to Qatar? If not, any other alternative for logistics arrangement?

  20. SITI FATIMAH says:

    can you sent me brosure for echiro machine, I had been using echiro machine for almost to month at kajang. I feed more energetic, I want to buy the machine where can I buy it.

  21. Cody Chuah says:

    I would like to but the Spine Stretching Bed. Could you please send me the price for the bed? Thank you.

  22. Dennis says:

    I would like to inquire regarding the price of the Echiro bed. Appreciate if you could email me the quotation. Thank you very much!

    • kenkoya says:


      The price of eChiro is RM18,900. I have emailed you the promotion price. Please check. Thank you.

  23. Jason says:

    I am interesting to buy the eChiro, appreciate if you able to reply the promotion price and installment payment package if any.

  24. Brian says:

    Hi, would like to check how much is the echiro ? I’m from Singapore. Thank you.

  25. Bryan says:

    Kindly quote to me the price for echiro. I’m from Singapore. Thanks in advance.

  26. Janice says:

    hi.. may i know the price for this bed? From East Malaysia. Thanks..

  27. Pat says:

    Hi. My Echiro bed has a creaking sound. Is there somebody to service it in Miri pls? I hv left it at ur centre more than 1 mth ago.. kindly assist… tqvm

  28. Sean says:

    What is the promotion price of this e chirp spine stretching bed?

  29. siak sc says:

    hi! I am from kuching, east malaysia. I would like to know whether you hv agent I kuching?

  30. Zay says:

    Do you have echiro service in Brunei?

    • kenkoya says:

      Dear Zay,

      Many apologies for the late reply. We do not have eChiro service centre in Brunei. We have our HQ in Peninsular Malaysia, Puchong, Selangor to be exact.

  31. irina says:

    Hello, do you deliver to canada and how much this bed in USD?

  32. Koh Gek Cheng says:

    I wish to explore the possibility of marketing the eChiro Health Bed. Please advise.

  33. Ck teh says:

    May i know where is the aaddtes/place we could try this product?

    • kenkoya says:

      Dear Teh,

      Many apologies for the delay. Currently, we have closed down all our treatment centres. We only provide home-based free trials for 1-2 weeks. We are only able to give free trials in Penang for the moment.


  34. Jimmy Lim says:

    Can I know where is your treatment centre?

    • kenkoya says:

      Hi Jimmy,

      Currently we already close down all our treatment centres and we only provide home-based trials in Penang. We will deliver the demo unit to customer’s place for 1-2 weeks before deciding to buy or not.


  35. JOSEPH KONG says:

    Let me know the eChiro latest price. Let me know also all Sarawak branch address if possible the contact number, because my friend wish to buy one. My own eChiro bed buy long time ago in Bintulu Sarawak branch which already closed for a few years ago.

    • kenkoya says:

      Dear Joseph,

      Many apologies for the delay. We no longer have any branches in Sarawak. Now, we sell through online. I have emailed you about your request. Do contact me at that number. TQ

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