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Dr Tron YK 9000 Malaysia

Dear all, Dr Tron YK-9000 and YK-9000S have been discontinued and no longer available. We have replaced Dr Tron with a newer model called MOVAS. Kindly click here to know more about MOVAS. Thank you.


DR TRON is a natural therapy for maintaining good health by using the electric field to regulate and preserve the balance within our body. DR TRON is physiotherapeutic equipment that allows supply of 75% high voltage negative electrons and 25% high voltage positive electrons into the body to improve health conditions.

Four Major Functions of DR TRON

1. Purification of whole body’s blood

Research findings show that under certain circumstances, when the potential is negative, the concentrations of calcium and sodium ions will increase, facilitating the reversion of our blood’s mild alkalinity as well as its cleansing properties.

2. Enhancing immune system

When the ionic potential is enhanced, the blood concentration of gamma albumin will also increase remarkably. Gamma albumin is a type of albumin (protein) present in blood serum, and will increase in amount during an infection. Among its constituents are antibodies which will counteract the attack by foreign bodies. A higher level of gamma albumin therefore means more antibodies to fight various infections and fortified defense against diseases.

3. Improving Metabolism

Due to enhanced electrical potential of the cell membrane, nutrients will be fully absorbed into the cells while waste products are eliminated, thus promoting the metabolic activity of our cells. This function will gradually revive our cells. At the same time, the increased calcium concentration in our blood also stimulates the muscle, in particular heart muscles so that we have a healthy heart.

4. Regulating Central Nervous System

Research findings show that such an important autonomic nervous system can be enhanced with the administration of electric potential therapy. The associated endocrine secretory as well as hematogenous functions may also be improved. The electrical potential therapy is truly effective to treat autonomic nervous system imbalances.

Other Effects of DR TRON: Illness prevention, Relieve pressure, Anti-aging, Beauty and Skin care

Characteristics of DR TRON

1. Maintain healthy indirectly

DR TRON is a simple, convenience and effective electrical potential therapy. DR TRON is easy to handle by following the instructions described in the manual, even watch television or sleeping hours also can receive the electrical potential therapy to purify blood everyday. This kind of physiotherapy is save time of professional to handle patient because it just required sitting on the specially-padded chair.

2. No take blood or feeling painful of purification whole body blood

This electrical potential therapy is use high output voltage (9000V) and low current (<0.5mA) of electric to purify blood in comfortable condition without take blood, injection, side effect or feeling painful. DR TRON is the best purify blood machine in the world.

3. Root treatment

Medicine is a treatment to control diseases only. After finished the medicines effect, diseases will be come back. The electrical potential therapy is a treatment that to cure diseases indirectly because this physiotherapy is enhance body’s immune system.

4. Whole body treatment

Electrical potential therapy utilizes by balancing the positive and negative ion to keep the harmony and balance of our body. DR TRON can help to purify whole body blood in order to regulate central nervous system, induce hormone secretion and enhance immune system.

5. Partial Improvement

Electrical acupuncture pen of DR TRON is increase partial energy in our body to release painful and diseases symptoms.

6. Home-Use medical device imported by Japan

DR TRON was the invention of Japan Technology Institute’s research center more than 50 years ago. It is an electron bathing therapeutic device catered for home use and is highly recommended as ideal health equipment by the most prominent Japan Medical Association and Medical Doctor Association. DR TRON was accredited with ISO certification and was well recognized by the Japanese government as medical equipment (Medical equipment code: 16100BZZ01738000)

33 Responses

  1. Thomas says:

    How much is Dr Tron? How to order?

  2. Bich Nguyen says:

    I need more information of model EI900S and quote for US dollar.

  3. KH Mak says:

    Would like to find out the price for Dr. Tron in Ringgit Malaysia, might consider to purchase it at Malaysia. Thanks

    • kenkoya says:


      The price of Dr Tron is RM18,9000. And I have emailed you our promotion price. Do check the email in SPAM or JUNK MAIL if you can’t find my email.

      Thank you.

  4. Thomas says:

    Didn’t receive the mail

  5. Lee says:

    Will like to find out if there is any demo we can try in Malaysia? Is there service center in Malaysia or Singapore? Thanks.

    • kenkoya says:


      Yes. You can try the machine in Penang at Georgetown. Our service center is in Selangor and also in Penang. Thanks for your inquiry.

  6. Anthony Lim says:

    Hi may I know where is the service centre and phone number for the service centre in Penang as my unit is not working ( > 5yrs)

    Anthony Lim

  7. vanessa says:


    may i know where can find out your service centre at johor area?

  8. Leo says:

    Does Dr Tron come with an English manual? It seems like everything is in Japanese on the machine. Do you do international orders?

    • kenkoya says:


      Dr Tron does come with English manual but currently Dr Tron has been discontinued and replaced with Home Dr. A newer model machine with better functions and cheaper price.

  9. Munawer Modak says:

    Please advise if the product is available in Singapore. If so where n what is the price. Does the product help in weight loss

  10. Omar says:

    Hi Boos Can you Clear me How much Price of Dr Tron

  11. OANH says:

    How much Dr.Tron YK-9000S ,ship Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam? Thank you.

  12. Bill Johnson says:

    Do you have distributors in the United States?

  13. Weihua Wu says:

    Can I purchase Dr. Tron in mainland China?

  14. Suhaimi Abd Ghafer says:

    Hi… Can i have Selangor service Centre address & contact number. Pls email me @ mieamor71@gmail.com or message me at +60122991620

  15. Hana Afian says:

    Hi tru experienced i been using this dr tron for almost 10 yrs.Yes its a good mechines where it can cleans and circulate blood tru all our bodies.Its a part of machines to control of our high blood pressure and its good for those with heart problems prevent from blocking.In brunei we sit in for few hours for terapy and its cost us free at one of our health centre called AM-LIFE,this company is selling this japanese products.Its cost 8,900 brunei dollars.

    • kenkoya says:

      Dear Hana,

      Thanks for the positive reviews for our machines. Happy to hear such good improvements. Dr Tron is really good for blood related problems. 🙂

  16. tessie macasero says:

    Where can buy this machine and how much.

  17. Pk quah says:

    Is the showroom in Penang still open. Can i have the contact and the address. Tq

  18. jane says:

    may i know the.price for model yk9000

    • kenkoya says:

      Dear Jane,

      Dr Tron YK9000 is already End of Sales. Currently we have the replacement model which has even more features called MOVAS. The promotion price is RM18,900. TQ

  19. Wong says:

    I am interest to buy ? How muCH the selling price ? Any dealer in JB ?

    • kenkoya says:

      Dear Mr Wong,

      We no longer sell Dr Tron because it has reached its end of life. The factory no longer produces Dr Tron. We have replaced it with MOVAS. The selling price of MOVAS is RM22,868 per set. We are currently having promotion for MOVAS. Please contact us at +6017-5522455 for more info. TQ

  20. Alex says:

    MOVAS dealer at KL/ Penang?

  21. YONG KOOI LIN says:

    Can i have contact in selangor?

  22. Jenny azrina says:

    Im interested to buy the product, please do contact me asap.

    • kenkoya says:

      Hi Jenny,

      I have replied to your request in email. Dr Tron has reached end of life. Now we are selling MOVAS. Thank you.

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