Ezy Detox Far Infrared Sauna Frequently Asked Questions

Kenkoya Ezy Detox Frequently Asked Questions

A. Technology & Safety

1. Is FIR a harmful form of radiation? Will using the Kenkoya Ezy Detox cause side effects?
The most basic and crucial difference between far infrared rays (FIR) and harmful rays is that virtually all living life has the need for FIR – warming energy. And all living life that metabolize release FIR. The sun’s rays include FIR that is needed by all living things but its rays also contain the harmful X-rays, UV rays and near infrared rays. Prolonged exposure can lead to sunburns and the peeling of skin. The Kenkoya Ezy Detox has been designed to have only far infrared rays at 4~14 microns (1 micron = 1/1000 mm). By molecular(water) vibration and resonant absorption, 4 ~ 14 microns of far infrared energy is transmitted deep into the body and reaches the bone marrow. Thus, the Kenkoya Ezy Detox provides energy that you can easily absorb without having to worry about the side effects.

2. Will my skin dry? Will I suffer from burns?
Only a wavelength that is less than 3 microns (e.g. near infrared rays, UV etc.), which stops at the skin’s surface and cannot be absorbed by us can cause scalding. And in serious cases, burns might result. Through the resonance and absorption by water molecules, protein, and organic molecules, the body is able to conduct FIR energy at 4 ~ 14 microns which is then absorbed by our cells and internal organs. This energy is then transmitted into the deeper parts of our body, thus eliminating the possibility of burns. Because the process of perspiration and detoxification involves losing a large amount of water, the body needs to be constantly replenished with water before and after one uses Kenkoya Ezy Detox. This helps to prevent the possibility of dehydration.

3. Will my electricity bill increase drastically if I use the Kenkoya Ezy Detox every day?
Because of the little time involved every time you use the sauna, it consumes much less electricity than the average refrigerator or air-conditioner. The Kenkoya Ezy Detox is suitable for the entire family and helps to keep all the family members in good health.

4. Can I use the Kenkoya Ezy Detox every day? And how long for each session?
Absolutely. In fact, the Kenkoya Ezy Detox is designed for everyday use. In general, most people do not have the habit of exercising regularly. The Kenkoya Ezy Detox can help to reverse this sort of unhealthy lifestyle. The skin is our biggest detoxification tool. A 15 minutes session daily effectively purges accumulated toxins and waste matter from the body and helps to keep it ‘clean’. Blood circulation is improved, cellular activity stimulated and fatigue relieved. Effectively reduces the risk of chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart problems and diabetes etc.

5. How do I clean the sauna after use? Will my perspiration cause the sauna to smell?
Maintenance is easy. Simply use a slightly damp cloth to wipe the radiators and the interior of the sauna cover. But because the titanium oxide coated-ceramic semiconductors are anti-bacteria, all you need to do is switch the sauna on for 2 ~ 5 minutes after use each time to help remove any unpleasant smells. (Always unplug the radiators before cleaning. Do not attempt to clean the sauna with any strong cleaning agents.)

6. Can I shower immediately after using the sauna?
Yes you can. Wipe dry and take a short rest before stepping into the shower. Through molecular resonant vibration and absorption, FIR energy is not concentrated on the surface of the skin. The body is kept warm internally, cold air cannot enter the pores thus it is unlikely that you will catch a chill.

7. The Kenkoya Ezy Detox is really big! It will take up too much space. My home is really small.
The Kenkoya Ezy Detox is both collapsible and foldable making it suitable for easy storage. Moreover, it serves as an ideal tool to help keep the whole family fit and healthy. On this account, space is not a big problem. It will benefit you and your family much more than the television or refrigerator can. Besides, it takes less than 5 minutes to install or uninstall it.

8. Why does the average man need to use the Kenkoya Ezy Detox? What about people who exercise regularly? Do they have a need for it as well?
(1) Traditional Chinese medical (TCM) viewpoint: Helps stimulate blood circulation and reduce bruising. People who lack exercise suffer from poor blood circulation and are more prone to ischemia. People who have a high percentage of body fat suffer from poor blood circulation because the fat in their blood slows circulation. The body also becomes more prone to bruising when circulation is poor. Thus you need the sauna to help improve blood circulation.

(2) Regular exercisers: generally speaking, exercise
(a) Helps to strengthen both the muscles and bones and maintain their metabolism,
(b) Corrects irregular heart beat and strengthens heart muscles
(c) Improve lung activity.

But physical exercise brings no evident benefits to the micro-circulation in the
body’s organs. Exercise also builds up large amounts of lactic acid that can only be eliminated through the use of the Kenkoya Ezy Detox.

So, Kenkoya Ezy Detox helps to eliminates lactic acid that is accumulated from exercise, helps to relax strained muscle and speeds up the recovery of the body and injured muscles and tissues.

9. Does the Kenkoya Ezy Detox help to slim?
The natural and healthy way to lose weight is to increase a person’s basal metabolic rate. Daily repeated usage (in and out) of the Kenkoya Ezy Detox, with the effects of deep warming, it can help to increase a person’s metabolic rate. Coupled with healthy eating habits, it is not impossible to achieve an ideal weight and good health at the same time.

10. I’m concerned that using the Kenkoya Ezy Detox often will reduce my breasts (e.g.
from a cup C to cup B), will that happen?
Under the pretext that you are using the Kenkoya Ezy Detox for slimming purposes, it is more likely that you will experience a firming up of the bust line instead of breast reduction. A woman’s breasts consist largely of fats and different individuals experience weight loss at different parts of their body. However, it is unlikely that you will go from a cup C to B unless there is drastic weight loss.

11. Can the Kenkoya Ezy Detox ensure muscle elasticity?
Warming energy helps activate cellular renewal in the blood vessels (including capillaries), blood stream and muscles. This explains why regular usage helps to increase oxygen in the blood and provide a more youthful appearance to the skin. Supplement this with a suitable amount of exercise and you are on your way to attaining a more radiant and firmer complexion.

12. I’m worried about the red spots that have appeared on my skin after I started using the
Kenkoya Ezy Detox. What causes them? And is it normal that it itches?
The occurrence of red spots and itchiness is perfectly normal because it is only a transitional phase in the process of detoxification. When toxins are unable to be carried away by the body’s blood stream, they appear as red spots on the skin. Different individuals experience different symptoms and this sort of reaction does not necessarily occur after once or twice in the sauna. In fact, it might take weeks or even longer for anything like that to happen. Not everyone will experience these symptoms but even if you do, it is not a cause for worry.

13. I used to suffer from migraines and after I started using the Kenkoya Ezy Detox, this
problem is starting to plague me again! I am very much distressed. Why has this
The pain is a result of poor/restricted circulation in the head. Medication taken in the past did not eliminate the root cause of your discomfort but has numbed your nerves such that you no longer feel the pain. What the Kenkoya Ezy Detox does is to improve overall blood circulation and activate cellular renewal thus helping you to recover from the numbing of senses. This is a transitional period and will pass quickly if you make use of the Kenkoya Ezy Detox diligently. You will recover fully even without the help of medication when both qi (internal energy) and blood circulation improves.

14. Is it normal to experience some lightheadedness after a sauna session?
FIR energy helps dilate the body’s blood vessels but because the quantity of blood remains unchanged, the
head experiences a temporary lack of oxygen and blood thus explaining the passing lightheadedness. This is similar to how some people feel after exercise. Use the Kenkoya Ezy Detox everyday to help the body in its process of ‘making’ blood and curb the problem of lightheadedness at its root cause. As for those who already suffer from ischemia (inadequate blood) or anemia (poor blood), lying down on your back and raising your legs can help induce blood flow backwards thereby relieving the problem of lightheadedness.

15. Why is it after using the Kenkoya Ezy Detox I often feels both hungry and sleepy?
Blood flow increases, metabolic rate experiences a sudden surge and induced perspiration in the process of detoxification all contribute to the burning of both calories and nutrients. Helps relieve fatigue, reduce blood pressure and relax body muscles. It is at this point in time that you need to replenish nutrients and gain adequate rest. First time users are more likely to experience hunger pangs immediately and a desire to sleep after several hours. Athletes experience a similar body change – after sports they feel both tired and sleepy. However, after a period of time when the body has become accustomed to using the Kenkoya Ezy Detox, with adequate nutrition, you should feel more energetic and experience better sleep in the long run.

16. Why is it after/during the usage of the Kenkoya Ezy Detox certain areas of the body
feel more hot & painful than the rest of the body?
Areas more affected than others are a result of poor oxygen and blood circulation in that particular part of the body. It could also be that of an old injury. (Refer to Q.20)

17. Why is it I perspire less after I started using the Kenkoya Ezy Detox? (Is cold
weather a factor?)
(1) How much fluid you drink is a factor. When your body has little water in it, naturally perspiration amounts will lessen; cold weather is a factor because when temperatures are low, more energy is needed to help open the pores.
(2) Even if there is little or no perspiration, microcirculation in the body is being stimulated when you are in the Kenkoya Ezy Detox, thus there is little cause for worry.
(3) We do not encourage you to use perspiration amounts as a gauge of the sauna’s effects. If the body’s internal circulation is improved upon, sweat will naturally occur.

18. Why have my sleeping hours lessened after I started using the Kenkoya Ezy Detox?
After you use the sauna each time, both your blood circulation and blood flow is made smooth and improved upon. As a result of this, you gain ample rest and a more peaceful sleep. This explains why you need less sleep.

19. Why do my old wounds hurt after I use the sauna?
FIR helps activate cellular renewal and heal wounds faster; blood flow is smoothed and blocked passages are cleared. Blood circulation is naturally poorer at the old wounds which explains why you feel a prickling or itchy sensation there signaling restricted flow. Whenever pain is experienced, stop the sauna session and remember the duration taken. Do continue to use the sauna regularly with similar or slighter shorter duration. With patience, one should be able to gradually increase the duration of the sauna session with cellular renewal and healing.

20. Will using the Kenkoya Ezy Detox everyday adversely affect sperm production for the male?
The male reproductive organ does not produce sperm all the time (24 hours). A short 15 minutes usage will not affect a male’s ability to produce. Unlike other traditional saunas, the Kenkoya Ezy Detox produces lower temperature pure FIR energy, so it would not have those side effects caused by regular high temperature.

22. How can sufferers of high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, depression,
manic-depression, work-stress etc. benefit from using the Kenkoya Ezy Detox?
(1) Hypertension – Circulation is the continuous flow of blood from the heart to the body and back to the heart again. It is the process that keeps you alive. Arteries are vessels that deliver oxygen-rich blood to your body. Veins in your body are vessels that return oxygen-poor blood to the heart. There are two types of blood pressure:
(a) Systolic Blood Pressure (SBP) is the pressure in the vessels when the heart is contracting or delivering blood out from the heart.
(b) Diastolic Blood Pressure (DBP) is the pressure in the vessels when the heart is expanding or collecting blood back to the heart. When both SBP and DBP are higher than the normal level, an indication that the body is not getting sufficient oxygen from the circulation, the heart has to pump (contract and expand) harder. This increases the burden of the heart. But if sufficient oxygen can be supplied though blood circulation, blood pressure will be normalized. Regular use of the Kenkoya Ezy Detox improves blood circulation by vasodilatation (expansion of blood vessels) and reduces the size of water molecule clusters (more than 90% of blood plasma is water). Deep, slow and long breathing during sauna sessions will also help to increase oxygen in the blood.
(2) From the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)’s perspective, chronic diseases such as diabetes, depression, manic depression and work-related stress are caused by inadequate blood flow and nutrient deficiency. The basic effective solution is to ensure good blood circulation that delivers sufficient oxygen and nutrients to the body.

23. How does the Kenkoya Ezy Detox help sufferers of dialysis, uremia (kidney disease),
rheumatoid arthritis, joint aches, inter-vertebral disc protrusion related complications and
osteophyte (small abnormal bony outgrowth) etc.?
(1) Our kidneys contain millions of nephrons (which consist of capillaries and tiny tubules) that function as filters to ‘clean’ our blood. For people with kidney disease or degenerated kidneys, the filtration capability is poor because the nephrons are damaged. They are advised to limit the intake of water. Kenkoya Ezy Detox helps by excreting uric acid, urea and toxins through your perspiration. Increase your intake of water as you gradually increase the duration of your sauna sessions. Patience and endurance is necessary for long periods of therapy.
(2) Rheumatoid arthritis is caused mainly by the malfunctioning of the immune system (auto immune). Our body’s immune system can be strengthened and normalized by improving blood circulation and activating cellular function.
(3) Joint aches, disc protrusion complications and osteophytes are mainly caused by stiffening muscles or poor posture. For therapy, do consult a qualified chiropractor. But the Kenkoya Ezy Detox does help to enhance your therapy sessions because it helps improve blood circulation and cellular function of both the muscles and bones.

24. People undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy?
(1) It is important to understand the role of the Kenkoya Ezy Detox in strengthening a person’s overall health (including the immune system) through effective detoxification. The Kenkoya Ezy Detox is not meant to replace treatment and medical consultation and that cancer patients should seek the right treatment. However, it is likely that medical treatment will prove more beneficial if you sought to take good care of yourself first.
(2) Increased oxygen helps increase the growth of normal cells around the cancerous area. This is beneficial as it prohibits the spreading of cancer cells. The Kenkoya Ezy Detox enhances oxygen delivery in the body including the cancerous area. Coupled with medical treatment, improvement can be expected.
(3) Massage the harder tissues on both sides of the vertebra to soften the areas. With a more activated central neural system, the use of the Kenkoya Ezy Detox will help to show a more marked improvement.

These informations here serves as educational purpose and are not meant to replace professional advice from doctors.

If you have any questions, do leave a comment here and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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