Home Dr Electro Static 6-In-1 Machine

Home Dr Electro Static Therapy Machine

Home Dr Electro Static 6-In-1 Machine

Home Dr is the most advanced electro static machine in the market for now. It has 6 functions built into one. Here are the 6 functions of Home Dr:

1. Electro Static Therapy

2. Negative Electro Static Therapy

3. Light Wave Therapy

4. Negative Ions Therapy

5. EST Intelligent Mode

6. Electric Pen

Home Dr Technical Specifications

Power Input

AC 220V/50Hz

Power Consumption


Display of Reading

LED Display


30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 Minutes & 12 Hours

Time Adjustment

10 minutes/push, continuous loop

High Potential Output Voltage

5000V, 7000V, 9000V (±10%)

Negative Potential Output Voltage

-5000V, -6000V, -7000V (±10%)

High Frequency Output Voltage

2800Vp-p (±10%)

Negative Ions Output Concentration

?10 millions/cm3

Intelligent Function Output Voltage

5000V, 7000V, 9000V rotates after every 5 minutes.


430mm X 240mm X 225mm

Home Dr Electro Static Therapy/High Potential Therapy

Home Dr Electro Static Therapy (EST) utilizes 5,000V/7,000V/9,000V of static current and 50 times of vibration to help to cleanse our blood and maintain our blood pH at 7.35 – 7.45 which is slightly alkaline.

Our blood has become more acidic due to 4 main factors that we have identified which are diet, stress, lack of exercise and pollution.

Diet: As most of have realized, our diet is not very healthy. We consume a lot of fried food, sweet stuffs and very few fruits and vegetables. The high consumption of meat and sweet stuffs will cause our blood to become acidic.

Stress: Nowadays, almost everyone is having some stress except madmen. Stress of work, family, relationship, money, friendship are causing our adrenal gland to pump in a lot of adrenaline into our blood and causing a lot of problem to our body. Stress is also known to cause a lot other diseases such as high blood pressure, mental problems and gastrointestinal problems.

Lack of exercise: Due to our hectic and sedentary lifestyle, many people do not exercise regularly. This lack of exercise makes our blood to move sluggishly in our body. A lot of toxins will be accumulated in our body and cannot be properly detox from our sweats.

Pollution: With the rapid developments, the pollution levels in our lives has also increased dramatically. In our food, we have a lot of chemicals such as preservatives, artificial coloring and flavors. In our air and water, we also have all kinds of pollutants. All of these will cause our blood to become acidic.

As your blood becomes acidic (in doctor’s term) or dirty (in laymen’s term) and moves sluggishly, excessive cholesterol, fats and toxin in your blood will slowly clog up your blood vessels and you will end up with malfunction organs since your organs depend on blood vessels to send nutrients, oxygen and hormones and also to detox unwanted waste from the metabolism. Hence, the most popular case of clogged up blood vessels to organs are heart attack or heart problems and stroke. If the blood vessels to the heart and brain can be clogged up and create problem, what about the blood vessels to your liver, kidney, hands and legs? Definitely, the blood vessels to those organs will clogged up because blood travels all over the body. This will cause the organs to function less and it can also cause pain or numbness.

Home Dr EST helps by using 9000V (we will use 9000V to represent all other 5000V and 7000V) to cleanse the blood in laymen’s term or in scientific term, changing the pH of the blood from acidic to mild alkaline which is 7.35 – 7.45 pH. And using the 50 times vibration a second to vibrate the clogged up blood vessels and break them loose and flush them out of the body through sweat, urine and stool. Hence, it is important to drink a lot of water after using EST.

Home Dr EST comprises of 75%-80% negative ions and 20%-25% of positive ions.

Home Dr EST itself has 5 functions to help improve one’s wellbeing:

1. Blood cleansing

2. Improve immune system

3. Regulate involuntary nervous system

4. Increase metabolism rate

5. Balance hormone

Home Dr Negative Electro Static Therapy/Negative Potential Therapy

Home Dr Negative Electro Static Therapy or also known as Negative Potential Therapy has the same functions as Home Dr Negative Electro Static Therapy/High Potential Therapy except that Negative Potential Therapy has 100% negative ions.

The difference between High Potential Therapy and Negative Potential Therapy is that High Potential Therapy is to balance the body and also correct the homeostasis using the 5 functions of EST whereas Negative Potential Therapy is created to boost the recovery of diseases with its 100% negative ions. To enhance and fasten your recovery, you can choose Negative Potential Therapy. It is known that the severely ill people such as heart problem, stroke, kidney problem, long-term arthritis, severe constipation, hardcore insomnia and severe gastric pain has very low amount of negative ions. This function is creates especially for them, the seriously ill people.

Light Wave Therapy/High Frequency Therapy

Light Wave Therapy is another function designed to break the stubborn fats and cholesterol that are deposited in your blood vessels. With 80,000 vibrations a second, Light Wave Therapy will help you to break off the stubborn fats, cholesterol and toxins in your body. This can help you to slim down and maintain a good body weight. You can only use this function for maximum 30 minutes a day and remember to drink more water after using this therapy.

Negative Ions Therapy

With 10 millions/cm3, Home Dr Negative Ions Therapy is one of the ionizer that have the highest negative ions concentration per cubic cm. Benefits of negative ions are many include improved breathing, sinus and asthma improvement, better mood, fresher and cleaner air and more.

EST Intelligent Mode

This function is designed so that our body will not be used to the waveform of the EST voltage. Just like sleeping pills, our body will create resistance to the certain therapies or medications. You will only need one sleeping to sleep well at night but if you continue with that, you will find that one sleeping pill will not make you sleep well and you need to increase it to 2 sleeping pill to get the same result. That will happen to EST machines that do not have such function. Home Dr EST Intelligent Mode will rotate the EST voltage every 5 minutes, starting with 5000V to 7000V to 9000V and the cycle continues. This ensures that your body will not get used to the wave forms of each voltage and hence the reduction of effectiveness in the long term usage especially when you have purchased Home Dr back home.

Electric Pen

Home Dr EST, Negative EST, Light Wave Therapy and EST Intelligent Mode area all whole body therapy which means they help the whole body and not only specific areas of the body. Electric Pen is created to give you partial therapy which means specific areas. Electric Pen is very effective for:

1.Painful or aching areas.

2. Numbness area.

3. Tumors.

4. Varicose veins.

5. Acupuncture effect.

You use Electric Pen with EST or Negative EST and press on a specific point where your painful, aching or numb areas of your body.

Selling Price: RM9,800

Home Dr Dewan JKKK Bukit Gelugor

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  1. Thomas Yee says:

    How much is the selling price for Home Dr machine in Malaysia ? What is the agent’s contact number ?

    • kenkoya says:

      Dear Thomas,

      I have emailed you the reply for the questions above. We no longer carry Home Dr. We are selling MOVAS now. The selling price is RM24,899 and the promo price is RM18,900.

  2. Lina says:

    Place of origin? Price?

    • kenkoya says:

      Hi Lina,

      Many apologies for the delay as your email went to spam folder. The place of origin for this machine is China. The selling price is RM9,800. We have currently discontinued the sales of Home Dr. We are currently selling MOVAS. TQ

  3. Pk quah says:

    Is the showroom at penang still open. If yes can i have the contact no and the address. Tq

  4. Tin says:

    Why did you discontinued the sales of home dr.

    • kenkoya says:

      Dear Tina,

      Many apologies for the delay. Your comment went into the Spam folder.

      Regarding your question, the factory which produces the machine has discontinued the machine and no replacement model. We suggest you to buy MOVAS instead if you are keen on Electro Static Therapy machines. TQ

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