Dr Tron YK 9000 Malaysia

Dr Tron YK 9000 Malaysia

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  1. Charlee says:

    I need to change my conductive mats of my Dr. Tron. How much do they cost ? Where can I buy them.? Thank u.

  2. mike yip says:

    I am also having the same problem

    • kenkoya says:

      Dear Mike,

      Kindly contact me at +6017-5522455. Currently, we will be able to supply the cushion pad. The lead time is around 1 month++ as we will need to place order to the Japan factory and they will take time to deliver the pads to us.


  3. Wong says:

    I am interest to buy this Dr tron , how much ?

    • kenkoya says:

      Dear Mr Wong,

      We no longer sell Dr Tron because it has reached its end of life. The factory no longer produces Dr Tron. We have replaced it with MOVAS. The selling price of MOVAS is RM22,868 per set. We are currently having promotion for MOVAS. Please contact us at +6017-5522455 for more info. TQ

  4. Jeannie Loh says:

    Are you still able to order the cushions pad for the above model of Dr Tron?
    Need 2 for my mother. Please help.
    Thank you.

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